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January 2018

An Andy Warhol and Beatles-inspired Hotel Is Opening on the English Seaside

For those who miss the raucous artistry and antics of the 1960s, there's good news: a hotel inspired by Andy Warhol and The Beatles is opening this year in England

JFK's $65-million Animal Terminal Is in Danger of Shutting Down Just One Year After Opening

John F. Kennedy International Airport’s state-of-the-art pet terminal, Ark, was supposed to be a miracle for pet and livestock owners alike. However, it seems this $65-million project is having even more trouble than Noah did.

February 2018

The One Thing You Need to Consider Before Quitting Your Job to Travel the World

While we’re tethered to desks, digital nomads are off blogging from Micronesia or sending emails from Croatia. They’re always off somewhere, impossible to pin down for longer than a minute — except for the rare times when they pause to answer our many questions about their enviable lives.

Watch a 'Snow Tornado' Sweep Across England — and Then Hide at Home Until Winter Is Over

If freezing temperatures and blankets of snow weren't enough to stun folks in the United Kingdom, imagine seeing what appears to be a snow tornado.

March 2018

How to Use Your Rent Money to Live Around the World Instead

By 2035, the world is expected to be filled with digital nomads. In fact, by some estimates, there could be as many as one billion people living and working from anywhere around the globe.

With the rise of technology and the ever-growing lust for international travel, it’s no surprise that more and more people are picking up and leaving the 9-to-5 cubicle life behind for good.

Iceland’s Top Attraction Finally Has a Luxury Hotel

Kim Kardashian swam in its clear blue waters. So did Justin Bieber and Beyoncé. But the celebrity crowd never had a five-star place to stay at the Blue Lagoon, the world famous, manmade geothermal spa just a 30-minute drive from Reykjavik. Until now.

April 2018

You Can Swim With Sharks at This Daring Diving Spot — No Cage Required

The cage, Cassie Weinberg tells us, is optional.

May 2018

Beer, Plane Tickets, and iPhones Are All About to Get More Expensive — Here's Why

Beer, iPhones and plane tickets are all likely to get more expensive in the next few months thanks to President Donald Trump.

Trump’s announcement that he’s slapping steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and the European Union on Friday has major big-picture implications for the U.S. economy and global trade. But, in the short term, it’s going to hit Americans right in the pocket book, economists told MONEY.

July 2018

A $50 Million Museum Dedicated to Comedy Just Opened in Lucille Ball’s Hometown

Lily Tomlin, Dan Aykroyd, and Amy Schumer walk into a comedy festival.

This Italian-leather Bag Is Scratchproof, Water-resistant, and Packed With Pockets

Last season, I invested in a designer handbag that I planned to dub my travel bag for eternity. (The price tag warranted eternal use if we were going to measure the investment using dollar-per-wear logic.) At first, it seemed perfect.

September 2018

Go Surfing With Dolphins and Eat Fried Piranha on This Cruise of the Brazilian Rain Forest

The oropendolas sounded like a dripping faucet.

We couldn’t see these dark, yellow-tailed birds in the dusk, but their calls seemed fitting because we were gliding through a world of water. My wife, Kim, and I were deep in the Amazon rain forest. We were propelling our stand-up paddleboards along a narrow channel of Brazil’s Rio Negro. The forest on either side of us was flooded. The sky, finally clear after hours of rain, had burned to a dusky rose over the tops of the trees.

This Turtle Cracked Its Shell So Veterinarians Made Him a Lego Wheelchair

Sometimes a vet has to improvise to help an animal in need.

November 2018

‘Overlord’ Star John Magaro Is Celebrating the Release of His New Film With an Epic Thailand Trip

You know John Magaro as the versatile young actor from such award-winning films as "The Big Short" and "Carol," as well as J.J. Abrams’ new World War II horror movie, "Overlord." What you don’t know about the New York-based star is that he’s equally as serious about traveling as he is cinema. 

From Costco to Target, These 5 Tips Will Help You Save Money Every Time You Shop

If you’re trying to save money—and who isn’t?—it’s key to shop strategically at the stores where you spend the most. That likely means some combination of Walmart, Amazon, Costco, and Target—the four all-purpose retailers biggest by sales, in that order, in the U.S.

December 2018

Should You Buy That Cheap Caribbean Airlines Ticket?

The weather outside is frightful, and the Caribbean Airlines prices are looking oh-so-delightful. But are they too good to be true? If you’re trying to escape the winter winds, a discounted flight to the tropics seems like the perfect solution. But before you purchase, you want to know what you’re getting into.

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