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January 2016

11 Experiences Every Traveler Should Have in Dubai

Planning a trip to the city of gold? You'll want to do more than just shop at the mall. With a vast array of adventure activities, some top-notch beaches, and a seriously beautiful historic quarter, Dubai ranks as one of the most culturally interesting destinations on the planet. Here, our list of where to eat, drink, relax, and yes, shop.

Discovering the New, More Grounded Dubai

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In the eyes of the world, Dubai is defiantly a city of skyscrapers. It’s perceived as an ultramodern, man-made metropolis, in which everyone glides between underground parking garages, air-conditioned malls, and glittering high-rise towers. Projects like the 163-floor Burj Khalifa, the world’s reigning tallest skyscraper, and the 1,166-foot JW Marriott Marquis, currently the world’s tallest freestanding hotel, are seen to have successfully isolated city residents and visitors from the environment—a blistering desert beyond the sealed, plate-glass membrane.

February 2016

The First Boeing 727 Ever Made is Taking its Last Flight

Fifty-two years after its maiden voyage, the very first Boeing 727 "Whisperjet" will take its final flight on Wednesday, March 2, flying from Paine Field to Boeing Field International in Washington State, where it will enjoy a permanent vacation.

March 2016

What You Should Really be Worrying About if You're Traveling to Cuba

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So you want to go to Cuba, but you’re worried about crime and the insidious specter of communism that hangs over the island?

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How Green is Your Destination?

You can be an environmentally conscious traveler anywhere in the world. But if you want intel on which countries are the most eco-friendly, look to the global Environmental Performance Index. Every two years a consortium led by Yale University crunches scientific data to rank states on air quality, biodiversity, climate impact, and other measures. Some highlights of the 2016 results.

April 2016

Take Your Dog With You to Tennis Camp This Summer

Like traveling with your dog? Take Fido to tennis camp this summer at Topnotch Resort, where the new “Serve, Fetch, Love” package opens its courts in Stowe, Vermont, to its four-legged gusts. During private lessons with the property’s pros, your pup can serve as ball boy—and recover with special spa treatments to soothe those sore calves.

May 2016

How to Take the Perfect Underwater Photo

Whether you’re snapping a shot of your scuba diving adventure or a submerged selfie with your best friend, taking an underwater photo can prove to be difficult. What gear do you need? How do you keep a steady frame when you’re floating? Top underwater photographers shared their best tips for getting that deep-sea view—their No. 1 piece of advice? Have patience. That and more, here. [CNN]

A Woman Couldn't Board a Flight Because Her Short-Shorts Were 'Not Appropriate'

JetBlue gate agents stopped a passenger from boarding her flight out of Boston because her outfit was "not appropriate."

June 2016

Should You Get an RFID Blocking Wallet and Passport Cover?

Travelers have a right to be concerned about identity theft. These days, just about everything (your credit cards, some enhanced driver’s licenses, even your passport book) are equipped with information-packed microchips that emit radio waves.

July 2016

Why the Lines on Our Roads Look the Way They Do

Most roads have them—unless you're venturing off into unpaved territory: the line markings running down the center.

Now, anyone who drives knows what they're for: keeping traffic even and safe, of course. But how did they get there? File this one under those questions that you find yourself pondering on hour nine of your summer road trip.

Your Biggest Summer Beauty Problems—Solved

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Summer should be spent enjoying cookouts and pool parties—not stressing about frizzy hair or oily skin. Here, the solutions to your biggest summer beauty problems from experts we trust.

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September 2016

Historic Space Mission Comes to an End as Rosetta Spacecraft Crash-Lands into Comet

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November 2016

This Drone Video of Norway and Iceland Will Take Your Breath Away

The gorgeous vistas of Norway and Iceland aren't a secret—but seeing them in high definition can still make our jaws drop.

Dmitry Bubonets put this film, called “Nord,” together, frome footage shot with a Phantom 4 drone on a trip to the two nordic wonderlands in August.

8 Boozy Brunches in Boston You Can't Find Anywhere Else

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Maybe you couldn't go out on Saturday night. Maybe you could, and you just want to keep the party going. Whatever the case, these eight spots feature the best boozy brunches in Boston.

December 2016

5 Destinations to Visit in Mexico Right Now

Mexico is much more than its all-inclusive resort reputation, as many towns and bustling metropolises are home to myriad cultural institutions showcasing the best of Mexican culture, arts, and culinary delights.

Couple Surprised With First Class Upgrade and $30,000 Suite After Delayed Honeymoon

British Airways helped one couple experience a Christmas honeymoon they’ll never forget.

Earlier this year, Hanna and Tom Bowran were forced to delay their honeymoon after their daughter, who was born with a rare medical condition, needed vital hospital care.

When they arrived at Heathrow Airport in December for their delayed honeymoon, they were greeted by British Airways employees who informed them that they had been selected to win an “unforgettable” vacation.



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