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January 2014

2014 International Luxury Travel Market Trends and Festival Highlights

According to Novogrod, the travel industry is abuzz with how travelers are accessing a destination, whether that’s through villa- and apartment-rental companies such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and OneFineStay or via plugged-in concierges who can connect travelers to a city’s true character. Hotel executives are also focused on expanding into the world’s global cities—Paris, London, New York—where prime real-estate is evermore challenging to attain.

February 2014

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June 2014

Ideas for a Tropical Island Getaway (Video)

Sand between your toes, a blissed-out day by the waves... Your next island getaway is closer than you think, thanks to new routes and more frequent flights from major U.S. cities.

July 2014

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Best Markets in Santa Fe

Aurora Photos / Alamy

Outdoor markets are the reason Santa Fe feels more like it belongs in Europe or Latin America than the U.S. If I want green chile fresh off the roaster, I ride my bike to the Farmer’s Market in the Railyard every Tuesday or Saturday. If I want a piece of Cuban folk art, I save up until the International Folk Art Market opens in July. If I need an elegant birthday present, I buy sterling silver jewelry from the vendors sitting under the Palace of the Governor portal on the north side of the Plaza.

September 2014

5 Secret Places in Costa Rica

Thornton Cohen / Alamy

Some parts Costa Rica can seem a little, well, overexposed. Many of the most popular destinations in this country can feel a bit like Disneyland Latin America and cost much more than savvy travelers are interested in spending, leaving tourists searching for an authentic Costa Rican experience, something less-explored and off the grid. Those places do exist, and after living here a couple of years, I’ve managed to stumble onto a few good ones.

Best Places for Breakfast in Costa Rica

Courtesy of Marriott Los Sueños Ocean & Golf Resort

If I was allowed only one meal a day in Costa Rica, and I could choose which meal, there’s no question that I would go with breakfast.

For all their lack of culinary inspiration, the ticos manage to pull off some pretty delicious gallo pinto—the national breakfast dish that involves black beans, rice, cilantro, onion, and pepper (and sometimes eggs and fried plantains)—along with rich coffee and sweet tropical fruit concoctions. Expats round out the breakfast scene with their own recipes brought over from Europe and prepared with local ingredients.

November 2014

Q+A With Food Network Star Maneet Chauhan

Celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan is finishing her year on a high note. In addition to regularly appearing as a judge on Food Network’s Chopped, she recently opened her debut restaurant, an Indian gastropub in Nashville’s Gulch district. Now a self-proclaimed “Nash-Yorker,” with a touch of the travel bug, she sat down with T+L to talk TSA agents, Diwali, and and Music City’s new food scene.

December 2014

Best Brunch Restaurants in Austin

Around Austin, folks are typically content to start the day with a breakfast taco or two, but some days call for more substantive nourishment. Whether they've just rolled out of bed after a night rocking out to live music, or they're fresh from exercising along Ladybird Lake Hike and Bike Trail, Austinites are a brunch-loving bunch. Luckily, the city has an array of brunches worth lingering over—some old classics that have been around for decades, and some that have come with the city’s more recent expansion.

Best Cheap Eats in Austin

It's true that, these days, Austin has more places where you can spend a lot on dinner than the city used to have. But the overall personality of our restaurant scene is still fun and affordable. (Maybe that's the result of having tens of thousands of cash-strapped college students hanging around town most of the time.) For what you might pay for the standard fare at a fast-casual chain restaurant, you can have a memorable meal in Austin.

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