Martin Frankenberg


Frankenberg and his staff at Matueté spare no expense when evaluating hotels and experiences, and unlike much of his competition, he doesn’t outsource any of his services (guides, drivers, etc.) to local operators. Frankenberg, a native Brazilian, knows a thing or two about the hottest experiences the country has to offer. The São Paulo–based specialist can get you access to exclusive jungle villas, yacht excursions on the Amazon, private parties during Rio’s Carnival, and private visits to the Rio’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, one of Brazil’s most-visited tourist attractions.

If you're looking for adventure, Frankenberg suggests Brazil's more far-flung regions, like the Amazon or Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, a protected area of sand dunes and freshwater lagoons on the north Atlantic coast. If it's the beach you're after, Frankenberg knows how to arrange a rental on a remote private island.

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São Paulo, Brazil 55-11-3071-4515

Peru and Argentina

Languages Spoken
English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend
$400 per person

Trip Planning Fees

Highlighted Review

"I traveled to Brazil with my family over the Christmas and New Year holiday. Martin and his excellent team at Matueté managed to put together a great trip, which had tons for everybody. They even went beyond the call of duty in finding us a great party to go to for New Year’s Eve (on Sugarloaf Mountain) because we didn’t want to do any of the super touristy stuff. I can’t recommend Matueté enough." - Peter Schechter