Louisa Gehring


To date, Gehring has visited more than 25 islands in the Caribbean, and she returns regularly throughout the year. She believes it’s important to combat the misconception that all the islands in the region are the same by showing her clients the different offerings each can provide. For honeymooners, Gehring has hookups at the region’s top properties, like Eden Rock in St. Bart’s. For foodies, she may suggest Jamaica, where chefs source much of their produce from the island, and the jerk chicken and Rastafarian dishes live up to the hype.

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Languages Spoken
English and Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend

Trip Planning Fees
From $350

Highlighted Review

"At the heart of Louisa and Gehring Travel is a dedication to fulfilling the goals of clients, in terms of accommodations, culture interaction, and the emotional mind-set of the travel experience. Louisa is committed to the success at every stage of a trip, imparting joy throughout planning and during travel. She delivered on every level and at every second of our trip. From boarding the plane, to making international flight changes, to the breakfast served at the hotels, we enjoyed the most memorable travel experience of our lives with Louisa's help. She helped us find unique travel opportunities that fit our interests and raised our expectations on how to travel!" - Leslie Jones