Jordan Harvey


Harvey and his wife were living on a dairy farm in Patagonia when they founded boutique travel firm Knowmad Adventures, and their friends — artists, chefs, architects, and photographers—became their network of insider contacts. The result? Many of the vineyards, haciendas, and estates available to their clients aren’t typically open to the public. His trips include a variety of activities, from local-led neighborhood tours in Buenos Aires to riding horseback with gauchos in Patagonia.

While Harvey and his family are now based in Minnesota, they return to the region for three months of each year. In 2018, Harvey personally crafted 60 itineraries for approximately 250 travelers to Chile and Argentina. As certain destinations like Patagonia become increasingly trafficked, Harvey encourages his customers to consider lesser-known destinations in South America, like Brazil’s Pantanal region and Argentina’s remote Valle de Uco.

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Peru, Galápagos, and Ecuador

Languages Spoken
English and Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend
$400 per person

Trip Planning Fees

Highlighted Review

"We returned from our first Knowmad-curated trip last fall and called within a few days to book another trip with them! Jordan created our first trip to Patagonia and several other destinations in South America in November 2017. From our first conversation with him, to all of our subsequent communication with the rest of his amazing staff, I felt as if we were their only clients. The level of personalization of each trip is incredible. In order to make that happen, they have developed an incredible network of agencies, agents, people in native communities, and recommendations. We met so many people on our trips and had so many conversations along the way. It’s difficult to adequately convey how expertly Jordan and his staff curate every detail of every day. Every transport is smooth and safe. At no point did we have to navigate to or from a plane, train, or car by ourselves. Their trip documents are extremely well organized, comprehensive, and helpful. We felt the team’s presence at each new destination: we were met with unexpected room upgrades; gifts of books, wine, and candies in our accommodations; a special local cake delivered to us at lunch in a wine cellar, all with lovely cards wishing us well." - Michele Cowling