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Jody Bear, a luxury-travel specialist and A-Lister since 2016, is one half of the wife-and-husband team behind Bear & Bear Travel. She specializes in high-end celebration travel — weddings, honeymoons, team-building, family reunions — organizing private-access activities and stays at world-class properties along the way. With dozens of years of travel under her belt, and many hoteliers and restaurateurs in her Rolodex of friends, Bear is well versed in the needs of luxury-travel clients and can make hard-to-snag reservations totally painless.

Bear also works as a generalist global concierge, catering to clients who desire 24/7 travel advising and time management while on the road. Planning up to 150 custom itineraries per year means that she is constantly en route to find the next hot destination (and the next big things in places people love to return to). She recently explored Amsterdam and the Dutch countryside, discovering up-and-coming neighborhoods, new hotels and restaurants, and off-the-beaten path tours.

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"We’ve been with Jody Bear for about 10 years now, and every trip she has planned for us has been sublime. We have come to expect and depend on her and her team’s special kind of attentive, personal, and troubleshooting travel help. We travel all over the world for work and vacation, and we are not easy customers. My husband is extremely detail oriented and needs a tremendous amount of information before we travel, and the Bear & Bear team has never failed us. Their work is meticulous. They are also very good about getting us room upgrades and making us aware of bargains and packages.” Also, there are strong dietary issues in my family, and Jody and Laurie always check with hotels in advance to be sure they can accommodate our needs. Last spring we traveled to Paris, and Jody made sure that gluten- and dairy-free options were available at the hotel. When I checked in, they assured me that they had been made aware of our dietary restrictions, and sure enough, each time we ordered, the room-service manager confirmed what was safe to eat. She also booked us into a couple of French restaurants that were sold out, and again somehow miraculously made sure the maître d’ was aware of our dietary restrictions." - Elizabeth Cuthrell