Jarrod Hobson


Known in the industry as “The Indonesia Guy,” Jarrod Hobson has made our A-List for the past seven years thanks to his immense knowledge of Southeast Asia and the Indonesian archipelago. The nation is made up of around 17,000 islands, and the range of experiences Hobson can organize seems just as limitless. His connections from his years of travel allow him to arrange any kind of trip, from relaxing getaways — a luxury cruise from Java to Borneo, a Bali beach honeymoon — to adventures in Indonesia’s smaller and wilder islands.

His recent travels have taken him to the main Indonesian islands and lesser-traveled destinations like tiny Komodo and the remote peninsulas of Sulawesi. He excels at planning itineraries in difficult-to-access reaches of the archipelago like Raja Ampat and West Papua. Hobson’s expertise doesn’t end with Indonesia, though it is his primary passion. He also has deep knowledge and itinerary-planning experience throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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Boulder, CO 720-881-5561 www.atj.com

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"We first discovered Jarrod completely by accident nearly five years ago while searching for a special, out of the ordinary, adventure worthy of a "Grand Family Reunion.”  We knew we were onto something when we contacted Jarrod via Asia Transpacific Journeys. He asked us to write him a story about who we were and what are dreams were. From there, he gave us ideas and things to research, which spawned more inspired ideas. Then, he helped refine our thoughts and offered suggestions. Little by little, a one-of-a-kind journey came to be. How this amazing man juggled all the logistics of arranging such a complex, multifaceted adventure for all nine of us (all different ages and different interests) is hard to comprehend. The experience was incredibly diverse, truly eye opening, and seamless in every way. Journeys like this don't just happen. It's Jarrod Hobson with all his skills, intuition, creativity, and connections that make it all come together and enable dreams to become reality." - Dave and Kathy Quistad