Emmanuel Burgio


Burgio founded Blue Parallel, a travel firm dedicated to both Latin America and the Mediterranean, in 2003 after leaving a career in investment banking. Born in the Netherlands and raised in the south of France, he currently lives with his wife and four children in Buenos Aires. Burgio knowledge of the industry is vast — he’s planned trips like hydroplane flights to private-estate stays in Peru's Sacred Valley and meetings with Easter Island's Rapa Nui communities. Currently on his radar are adventure-packed destinations like Bolivia and the Azores.

Burgio is on the go about every two months, jetting off to Uruguay, northwest Argentina, Patagonia, Colombia, Peru, and beyond. In the Mediterranean, he’s also recently traveled to Sicily and the Aeolian Islands, Corsica, Turkey, and Croatia. On every trip, he’s visiting partner hotels, scouting new properties, testing new excursions, and meeting with his teams on the ground.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina 301-263-6670 www.blueparallel.com

Languages Spoken
English, French, and Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend
$1,000 per person

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