David Rubin


Rubin’s clients, 50 percent of whom are LGBTQ travelers, rely on him to provide safe access to destinations around the world, including countries with unwelcoming laws. He takes up to six trips per year — to places like Oman, Serbia, Bhutan, and the U.A.E. — to forge connections with locals. He then connects his clients with interesting locals to build understanding, compassion, and lasting friendships. Rubin works with hoteliers, cruise lines, and tourist boards to educate and help ensure LGBTQ travelers are warmly embraced.

He and his team at DavidTravel also facilitate multigenerational trips and destination celebrations for clients, including families and groups with LGBTQ parents, children, relatives, friends, and colleagues. Travelers can rest assured staff will be attentive to their needs, concerns, sensitivities and preferences. For example, staff are trained not to ask kids things like “Where is your mommy?” and instead ask “Where is your parent?” to ensure welcoming experiences.  

Plus, the DavidTravel focus is customized, luxury and adventure travel worldwide with great attention to detail. They develop a long term relationship with their clients and get to know each traveler better with each trip.

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