The Best Travel Neck Pillows for Kids Under $20 at Amazon, According to Parents

From long road trips to long-haul flights, these comfy neck pillows have parents covered.

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Traveling with kids can be fun and rewarding as a parent. It’s when you get to explore the world together, sharing meaningful experiences that strengthen family bonds. But let’s be real: It can also be super challenging when unexpected delays, schedule changes, and long travel days test the patience of even the most well-behaved kids. The best you can do is to be prepared and have all the things ready to help them be comfortable until you reach your destination.

One of those must-pack items is a great kids' travel pillow. Seasoned parents know they can make a huge difference for a child while traveling. Whether it’s to take a nap on the plane, train or car without doing that whole awkward chin to chest thing, or just to have a soft place to lean on when caught in an unexpected delay at the airport, they’re a family travel must-have. Luckily parents don’t have to break the bank to get a high quality neck pillow. We’ve rounded up the top-rated kids neck pillows on Amazon — all under $20, and at these price points, we’ll definitely be stocking up on one for each kid in the family.

Infanzia Kids Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow

INFANZIA Kids Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow


With a design that provides 360-degree full neck support, it’s easy to see why this travel pillow is a favorite among parents and kids. The adjustable chin strap can be secured, so it doesn’t move or jostle the neck. It’s ideal for long-distance road trips or even everyday car rides and it comes with an attached snap and buckle to clip it to a bag so it won’t get lost. One Amazon shopper revealed “My son loved this for our 10-hour road trip” and another shared “it’s great for sleeping toddlers” in a booster seat.

This pillow is currently 10 percent off, comes in seven fun colors, and some even have adorable cartoon characters on the face of the pillow to really make it enticing for little kids.

To buy: $18 (originally $20)

Urnexttour Travel Neck Pillow for Kids

urnexttour Travel Neck Pillow


This travel pillow is ergonomically designed to offer 360-degree support for the head and neck. It has a slow resilience memory foam that uses the 3-second return technology. This means it can perfectly fit the neck and prevent the head from falling forward. This helps keep young necks in the correct posture when sleeping or sitting upright and prevents sore necks. It’s amazing for long journeys like trains, buses, or planes, and best of all, compresses to half its size in a storage bag, which makes it super easy to carry and doesn’t take up too much room. 

One reviewer raved that she bought this pillow for her 6-year-old for a long flight and that “she slept like a dream on the plane” and still uses it for long road trips. The Urnexttour travel pillow also comes with a cute dinosaur eye mask and  earplugs to really ensure restful slumber.

To buy:, $20

Scootz Travel Pillow for Children

Scootz Travel Pillow for Children


If you’re looking for a “fun” travel pillow for kids, then this is the one for you. Not only is the pattern vibrant, it has an elastic fleece fabric that stretches and feels comfortable against the skin. It provides simultaneous support for the head, neck, and chin, so it can be used for all instances where your child needs to rest their head. From airplane, train, bus, or car rides, this form-fitting U-shaped pillow is ideal for neck support. 

A grandparent reviewer shared how both themself and their grandson loved using the “plush” and “comfortable” pillow. You know this is the right pillow when it’s both kid and grandparent-approved, and at almost 50 percent off at Amazon, now’s a great time to stock up on these.

To buy: $11 (originally $20)

Coolbebe Kids Neck Travel Pillow

COOLBEBE Kids Neck Travel Pillow


This U-shaped travel neck pillow is made of 100 percent cotton pique and the surface of the cloth feels like a honeycomb, making it breathable and keeping it dry. This also means no pilling or deformation after a few uses. It offers 360-degree head and neck support for kids, so there’s no neck pain after long hours of sitting upright during travel, and it even has a hook on the back to easily attach it to backpacks or luggage.

According to reviews, this particular brand is great for babies, toddlers, and even kids up to 12 years old. One reviewer shared that she used it for her 4-year-old during a 13-hour road trip and that her daughter was so comfortable, “she slept the whole ride”— which is pretty much a parenting miracle.

To buy:, $18

World's Best Feather Soft Microfiber Kids Neck Pillow

World's Best Feather Soft Microfiber Kids Neck Pillow


This microfiber fleece kids neck pillow is not only uber soft but also made from hypoallergenic materials in both the shell and filling. So, parents can rest easy and not worry about allergens from a traditional down filled pillow. The 100 percent polyester fleece cover keeps kids cozy and supported in the head and neck no matter in the car or on the plane. It is adventure proof and is made in the USA. 

With more than 8,500 five-star Amazon ratings from satisfied parents and grandparents, it’s easy to see why this is a trusted choice as a kids travel neck pillow. One satisfied shopper shared that the pillow “got passed around by all of us-kids through adults” and that they are going to buy more for each member of the family. Luckily it comes in 18 different colors and is appropriate for ages 3 and up. They even have an adult size in case you want to buy some for the grown-ups.

To buy:, $13

Homewins Travel Pillow for Kids

H HOMEWINS Travel Pillow for Kids


This best-selling cotton plush neck pillow is super soft yet firm, with resilience for stable neck support. Parents and kids also love the fun animal themes they come in - making it easy to tell which pillow belongs to which kid. It’s a “great size for a kid,” “high quality,”  and “small enough to fit in [a] travel backpack,” according to several satisfied parents.

To buy:, $14

Niuniu Dinosaur Travel Pillow

Niuniu Daddy Kids Neck Pillow


It’s cute, it’s oh-so-soft, and it’s 20 percent off right now, making it perfect for the dinosaur-loving kid in your life. One happy reviewer raved that their 5-year-old “wouldn’t stop wearing it” during a recent trip while another reviewer mentioned that “the best part is you can unzip it and wash it”—which is key for all the germy surfaces any neck pillow is sure to touch during travels. And if dinos aren’t their jam, this memory foam pillow also comes in varieties like a unicorn, axolotl, shark, avocado, penguin and more.

To buy:, $16 (originally $20)

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