Adorable Toddler Greets Every Single Passenger on His Flight — See the Viral Video

Meet RJ, the cutest Southwest passenger ever.

Travelers on a recent Southwest flight were treated to an unexpected dose of cuteness thanks to their fellow passenger, RJ.

“My social little 22month old greeting every passenger on every flight we took the past couple of weeks!" mom Kelli Nielsen captioned a recent post of her toddler saying "Hi!" to every passenger he walked passed on the way to his seat.

The Instagram clip went viral and has over 11 million views and over 660,000 likes, proving we indeed all could use a piece of good travel news. 

“Oh my goodness, So cute!! We should all be like this,” one commenter wrote.

“This is probably one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen. What a sweet young boy,” another added.

Southwest even caught wind of the video, and reshared it to its Instagram page with the caption, “Catch RJ as your official greeter on your next Southwest flight!” 

According to Neilson, the family from Texas rarely gets to take trips as her husband is currently attending dental school. However, on this rare occasion, the family took their one summer vacation to their family cabin in West Yellowstone. The journey required multiple flights, and RJ was happy to greet each passenger along the way.  

"He is not shy and loved greeting every single passenger as he walked by,” Neilson shared with Travel + Leisure. “We decided to film it on our last flight home, and it’s been crazy that it went viral.” 

Neilson added that on the flight, most people were already boarded and had popped their headphones in, but once they caught sight of RJ coming down the aisle, they were all too happy to say hello back. 

“It can be stressful flying with kids, but I’m grateful for the kindness people showed,” Neilson said. “He’s very social, but he learns it from his brother and us. We are a very outgoing family but I love that he thought to say hello himself.” 

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