Expedition Scientists Just Shared the Clearest Footage of the Titanic yet — See the Video

See the wreckage like never before.

The world is getting its best view of the Titanic yet, thanks to a group of intrepid scientists willing to capture it in 8K resolution.

This week, OceanGate Expeditions released the highest-quality footage of the vessel taken during its 2022 Titanic Expedition.

In the 60-second clip, viewers can see the ship’s bow, the portside anchor, hull number one, an anchor chain, the number one cargo hold, and the solid bronze capstans.

“We are seeing new details in this footage. For example, I had never seen the name of the anchor maker, Noah Hingley & Sons Ltd., on the portside anchor,” Rory Golden, OceanGate Expeditions Titanic expert and veteran Titanic diver, shared in a statement. “I’ve been studying the wreck for decades and have completed multiple dives, and I can't recall seeing any other image showing this level of detail. It is exciting that, after so many years, we may have discovered a new detail that wasn’t as obvious with previous generations of camera technologies.”

According to the team, the footage will help determine the rate of decay and support the identification of species that now live on and around the vessel.

“The amazing detail in the 8K footage will help our team of scientists and maritime archaeologists characterize the decay of the Titanic more precisely as we capture new footage in 2023 and beyond,” Stockton Rush, president of OceanGate Expeditions, added. “Capturing this 8K footage will allow us to zoom in and still have 4K quality which is key for large screen and immersive video projects. Even more remarkable are the phenomenal colors in this footage.” 

OceanGate Expeditions is already planning a return trip in 2023. And just in case you’re really interested, the team is inviting “aspiring mission specialists" who have the right qualifications and availability along for for the adventure.

On the eight-day mission, which begins and ends in St. John's, Newfoundland, mission specialists participate in the ship’s orientation program and in training in various operational roles. The team’s schedule allows for up to five submersible dives at the site, which, yes, mission specialist guests get to take part in. As for the cost, the 2022 Titanic Survey Expedition ran at $250,000 per person, though the company hasn’t released its 2023 price tag yet. See more about the trip and apply for the journey here.

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