This Hysterical TikTok Dad Is All of Us Before We Leave for a Trip — Watch the Video

Now this hits close to home.

From frantically checking if you have your passport, to making sure all appliances are shut off, the anxious feeling of leaving the house before a long trip may be all too familiar — and this dad couldn't help but poke some fun at it.

TikTok creator Adam Rose's video, shared this week, of himself reenacting a flurry of the menial to-dos before leaving the house — including turning off the stove and unplugging the iron — has since garnered millions of views and thousands of comments from social media users who can relate.

Thankfully, with a little thinking ahead, there are many ways to combat any pre-departure anxiety.

For starters, and taking a cue from Rose's video, taking a picture of your stove, or other appliances such as a hair straightener, iron, or heater, as Travel + Leisure previously noted, may keep nerves at bay while traveling.

Travel insurance provider Allianz also points out in their checklist and tips for travelers who are hitting the road, to make sure to toss leftovers from the fridge and make sure there aren’t any perishables in the pantry.

“Rotting potatoes smell unbelievably gross. If onions, potatoes, garlic or other items have been sitting around too long, toss or compost them before you leave.” the list advises. 

Travelers could also invest in smart home devices such as plugs, thermostat, and cameras, so you can keep a watchful eye on your home when you are gone.

On the flip side, those who are worried about leaving anything behind in a hotel room before heading home should take this advice from a flight attendant and leave a shoe in their hotel room's safe.

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