After Being a Bridesmaid Twice in 1 Year, I’m Adding This Unexpected Travel Bag to My Amazon Cart

I never thought I’d need a garment bag, but this one has a reputation for being the “best luggage buy” shoppers have made “in a long time” — and it’s on sale.

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 MATEIN Suit Carry On Garment Bags for Travel Tout

Being in a wedding party is an exciting honor, and as I’ve learned this past year, it comes with several tasks and responsibilities that may seem mundane, but actually require a lot of consideration — like transporting your bridesmaid dress to and from the venue. After my third go around of trying to gingerly place my dress in already overpacked suitcases, car trunks, and backseats, I realized that I needed to upgrade my luggage game to a travel bag like the Matein Garment Carrier Bag, which is designed to keep your dress clothes wrinkle-free and out of harm's way. 

Currently touting a 4.5-star rating from Amazon shoppers, the popular garment bag was recently marked down 18 percent off. This discount brings its price tag down to a budget-friendly $46, and there’s a special on-site coupon that helps you save an additional $6 on your purchase. 

 MATEIN Suit Carry On Garment Bags for Travel


To buy:, $40 with on-site coupon (originally $56) 

Doubling as a carry-on suitcase or personal item, the Matein Travel Garment Bag gives you a secure place to store your more delicate wardrobe pieces within its 21-inch by 24-inch by 3.5-inch frame, which opens up to 24 inches by 47 inches when fully unzipped. Inside of its durable nylon exterior, you’ll find a main compartment to hang up to three dresses, suit jackets, dress shirts and pants, and other items depending on their size. They’re kept in place with three straps to prevent wrinkles and zipped within a water-resistant lining. 

Additionally, there are four zippered pockets on the outside of the main compartment’s lining that are perfect for storing the other pieces of your ensemble like dress shoes, belts, ties, and jewelry. Plus, they can also serve as convenient spots for extra toiletries, especially if you’re headed to a wedding or formal event and want to keep your makeup, razor, deodorant, and other essentials close by. 

For hassle-free traveling, the garment bag’s classic briefcase-style design is made more user-friendly with a handy pass-through sleeve so you can attach it to your luggage handle. You can also customize how you carry it through the airport, opting for the sturdy, cushioned top handle or the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap to lighten your load. 

“I took a three-piece suit, dress shirts, and a long gown internationally [in this] and there were no wrinkles,” an Amazon reviewer was happy to report. “It’s very roomy [and] could have fit another suit; the two outside pockets are also roomy. I brought it as a carry-on because I couldn’t chance losing my luggage or damaging the clothes [since they] were for my daughter’s wedding in Ireland.” 

 MATEIN Suit Carry On Garment Bags for Travel

To buy:, $50

Chiming in, another traveler raved, “This is the best garment bag I've ever owned. It holds a considerable amount, but is easy to handle and carry with either the handles or the shoulder strap… Our clothes came out wrinkle free after a whole day of traveling.” In fact, they even declared it the “best luggage buy” they’ve made “in a long time.” 

Similarly, a third shopper noted that their “tuxedo, suit, and pressed dress shirts” stayed in “perfect condition” inside the Matein Travel Garment Bag after a flight, sharing that “nothing even needed touch up pressing” once they arrived at their destination. 

And, as for how much it can pack, another customer commented that it “easily held two suits and six shirts” for a business trip and that they “brought as carry-on and no issues with security or overhead storage.” Echoing their review, a buyer added, “We used this bag to pack one suit, two pairs of dress pants, three dress shirts for my husband, and three dresses for me.” After sharing that “it can hold a lot more than I thought it would,” a final shopper highlighted that “everything stayed in place even going through the checked luggage process.” 

Whether you’re traveling for business, a wedding, or just want to keep your favorite clothes wrinkle-free and safe, the Matein Travel Garment Bag is definitely the luggage for the job. Make sure to get one at Amazon today while you can still rack up double savings on it. 

At the time of publishing, the price was as little as $40. 

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