New Instagram Feature
Credit: Instagram ©

For visual people, Instagram has become an indispensable resource for saving ideas and planning travel.

When Instagram introduced the ability to save photos, it cleared up room on everybody’s camera roll and eliminated the need to take constant screenshots. And last week, the app introduced an all-new update that will make it even easier to collect and curate travel inspiration that pops up into your feed.

Instagram’s newest update allows users to save photos to different “collections” — almost like boards on Pinterest. So when planning for a specific trip (or even just trying to separate wanderlust pictures from cute videos of dogs), it’s easier to stay organized. The feature could also be used to gather images and posts from friends and family after taking a vacation together.

To create a collection, Instagram users open their saved photos, located under the bookmark icon to the right of their profile screen. Tap the “+” icon at the top right of the screen to create a new collection. Users name their collections and then select all the saved images they would like to add to the new collection.

After setting up their collections, Instagram users will be presented with different options when trying to save photos. Just tapping the bookmark icon will save the photo underneath “all.” But if users press and hold the icon, they will be able to save the photo to a specific collection or start an all-new collection.

Collections remain a private feature and can only be seen by the user — so there’s no need to worry about anybody else seeing that gluttonous collection of restaurants you plan to try on an upcoming trip.