KAYAK travel emoji menu
Credit: Getty Images; Courtesy of Kayak

KAYAK is introducing 10 searchable emoji/city combinations, including the Statue of Liberty emoji for New York City and a slot machine for Las Vegas, to help would-be travelers kick off their next flight and/or hotel search.

“We are always looking for ways to make KAYAK even more fun and easy to use,” David Solomito, vice president of brand marketing at KAYAK, said in a statement. “Adding emoji to the search experience is a great way to do that.”

And the travel search engine company isn’t done at just these 10 emojis. To help make the search even more emoji-friendly, KAYAK is asking users to vote on which city and emoji combinations to enable next.

“As soon as we started assigning emojis to cities, debate over which city should get the pizza, the beer and the baseball emoji began among our team,” Solomito added. “We decided to start with emoji combinations that were indisputable and from there, open it up to a public vote.”

The full suite of searchable emojis will kick off searches on both desktop and mobile devices as well as on KAYAK’s bot for Facebook Messenger.

Potential emojis up for vote include: baseball, pizza, beer mug, rainbow, high-heeled shoe, unicorn, the dancer, guitar, taco, football, coffee, tropical drink, surfing, ski/snowboarding and hockey.

For the new potential emojis Kayak also offers four city suggestions in each category and the opportunity for a write-in vote. The emoji and city pair with the most amount of votes in each category will win. Voting will conclude on July 13, 2017 and the winning combinations will be revealed on July 17 just in time for World Emoji Day. To cast your vote, enter here