Cafe Wifi App Lets you Find Free Wifi Around the World
Credit: Courtesy of Cafe Wifi

Although sometimes we travel to escape our daily lives, other times we find ourselves in situations that necessitate an internet connection. And while most hotels now offer Wi-Fi access, when out and about in a foreign country, it can be difficult to plug into the grid.

For travelers who need to access the internet while away from home, there’s a free iOS app that will lead directly to the nearest free Wi-Fi spot.

Cafe WiFi connects users to co-working spaces, cafes, and public spaces where it’s possible to get online for free. The service also allows users to see the speeds of the Wi-Fi at different locations, the availability of chargers or outlets, menus, and fellow user reviews.

Credit: Courtesy of Cafe Wifi

The map is designed to work both online and offline, perfect for those terror-stricken moments of wandering around a new city without any idea of how to get back to the hotel. Travelers without iOS devices can also access Cafe WiFi’s map online or sign up for the Android waitlist.

For those on a layover who are looking for a connection while in the airport, there is a very similar service that has mapped Wi-Fi passwords for lounges and terminals around the world.

It’s probably best to bookmark these options now, as airports around the world are cutting back on offering free, open-access Wi-Fi.