These Are Our Favorite Travel TikToks From 2022 — Genius Hacks and Must-have Products Included

Let TikTok be your travel guide.

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The travel industry made an enormous comeback in 2022, and folks everywhere jumped on TikTok to share the information we needed to get back out there and explore the world again.

Whether it’s a tip on how to score a free upgrade, a creative packing hack to save space in our carry-on, or uncovering underrated spots to hit on our next trip to Europe, "TravelTok" always seems to have the answer to our travel woes.

Pre-pandemic, TikTok had a niche Gen-Z following with short-form dance trends and lip-synching sound bites dominating the For You page. But when people were forced to entertain themselves at home during quarantine, users across generations hopped on the TikTok bandwagon. Since then, TikTok has transformed into a massive online community — there are more than 1 billion users across 154 countries — with a wide variety of subcultures, like activism, cooking, comedy, fashion, fitness, and of course, travel. 

So, we compiled a list of this year’s best viral TikToks about travel — from genius hacks and vacation inspo to life-changing products and funny moments from travelers. 

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