You Could Soon Drink an Alcoholic Cold Brew Coffee
Credit: Photo-Illustration: David Kukin | Photos: Getty; Courtesy of Bad Larry's

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It's got more alcohol than your average beer.

It's been a boozy few weeks for your favorite brew: Starbucks now offers coffee aged in whiskey barrels, while Napa-based Molinari Caffe rolled out wine-infused coffee. But the newest alcoholic java offers something extra special. Bad Larry's Cold Hard Coffee is all the caffeine you need with a little more alcohol content than your average beer—because it's steeped in the stuff.

Bad Larry's Cold Hard Coffee is a blend of cold-press coffee, cane sugar, and malt, plus a little nitrogen to make it easier to sip. The brew is made by the Minnesota-based Bad Larry's, which says each can of the cold brew—yes, it's served in cans—contains 180 mg of caffeine and six percent ABV. Your average beer has an ABV of about four-and-a-half percent.

The brew is "similar in flavor and feel to a cold brew that's slightly sweetened with simple syrup, with a mild brandy-like aroma," according to Daily Coffee News. It's made with Brazilian beans roasted to a medium profile, the site says, which adds to its smooth and nutty profile—and of course, the coffee is steeped for 16 hours in a malt grain alcohol, giving it its alcohol content.

Unfortunately, your new favorite coffee won't arrive in stores until May—and even then, it'll only be distributed in Minnesota and Wisconsin. But the company says it has hopes to distribute the beverage to a wider market in the months to come. If you can get your hands on it, a four-pack should cost about $10.

"I can see people drinking this with brunch or lunch, when you want a coffee but you also want a beer or wine or something," said co-inventor Matty O'Reilly. "And I really see this opportunity to replace a vodka-Red Bull at 9 p.m." Though despite O'Reilly's goals you probably shouldn't replace your morning cup of Joe with this stuff.

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