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How to Keep Your Wine Cool Wherever You Go, According to an Expert

Hint: It’s not an ice chest.
By Katie Macdonald / Foodandwine.com
July 12, 2021
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From weekend-long hiking escapes to sun-drenched days at the lake to backyard cookouts, summer is full of outdoor adventures. And if you're planning on bringing a bottle (or two) of refreshing white, juicy rosé, or spicy red wine along, all the better. But no matter where you go, controlling your wine's temperature is key.

"When drinking whites and rosés at home, you would normally let bottles sit at room temperature briefly to warm up to 45 to 55 degrees [Fahrenheit] before serving," wine expert Gina Scott told Food & Wine. "However, taking wine to the pool or beach on a hot day can quickly take bottles from chilled to warm, completely changing the flavor profile."

Scott should know. She's the wine director and general manager of Juliet Italian Kitchen in Austin, Texas, where summer temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Thankfully, she's shared one of her must-haves for keeping wine cool wherever she goes: Yeti's 26-ounce Rambler

"Lugging glass bottles around, especially on a hike or on the water, isn't always convenient," Scott said. "Yeti's 26-ounce Rambler is designed specifically to transport cold beverages and can hold an entire bottle of wine, ensuring your wine maintains its peak chilled temperature for the day (and night). The chug cap allows for controlled pouring into the smaller tumblers, which feature a sliding lid to retain freshness and temperature between sips."

Made from double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel, Yeti's Rambler keeps liquids at ice-cold temperatures for hours (that's why it's our top pick for insulated water bottles). And unlike glass bottles, there's no risk of breaking. It's designed to last with its tough powder-coated exterior that's fade-resistant, sweat-proof, and dishwasher-safe.

Another benefit worth mentioning? The Yeti Rambler is certainly more compact than hauling a bulky ice chest to the park or beach. It can easily slip into backpacks, totes, and purses, and there's no threat of spills with its 100% leakproof lid.

The 26-ounce bottle costs $40 and comes in 16 different colors, like navy, copper, and aquifer blue. And if you want to keep your sips chilled in smaller servings, try Yeti's Rambler Wine Tumblers, which are only $25 apiece. With even hotter days on the horizon, now's the time to add this pro-approved wine tool to your cart.

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