By Maria Pasquini /
December 12, 2017

On Saturday, a female Southwest Airlines passenger threatened to “kill everyone on this plane” after she was caught smoking on a flight, PEOPLE can confirm.

The woman — who was later identified as Valerie Curbelo, 24 — went into a rage after she was discovered smoking in the bathroom on a Southwest Airlines flight from Portland to Sacramento, according to KOIN6.

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In a video obtained by the news outlet (above) Curbelo can be seen becoming increasingly upset as she yelled, “I swear, if you don’t (expletive) land, I will (expletive) kill everybody on this (expletive) plane!” she yelled. The curse words were removed from the video.

A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines confirmed the incident to PEOPLE, saying that the altercation began after Curbelo tampered “with a smoke detector in an aircraft restroom.”

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“Our Crew enforced the regulation and that was followed by the passenger outburst. The safety of our Crew and Passengers is our top priority and we take all threats seriously. The Pilots declared an emergency to receive priority handling from air traffic controllers, and our Crew handled the situation onboard until the plane landed and local authorities stepped in,” the spokesperson continued, noting that the plane landed safely and on-time in Sacramento.

“We express appreciation for the professionalism of our crew and the law enforcement officials who assisted with the incident,” the spokesperson added.

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Upon landing, Curbelo was arrested, according to the Sacramento County Jail’s website.

In an interview with CBS13, Curbelo said she had been smoking on the plane because she had wanted to calm her anxiety.