Reporters discovered a first-time surfer in the middle of winter storm Stella.

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March 17, 2017
Credit: Charles McQuillan / Getty Images

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This week, winter storm Stella left much of the Northeast snowbound and frozen, with high tides and flooding in some coastal areas as well. The unusual conditions inspired some cold-weather activities, including—for one New Jersey man—surfing.

While turbulent weather can be ideal for long-boarders, surfing is not usually considered a “winter sport” per se. That didn’t stop one bold Long Beach, New York resident decided to hit the waves and see what he could shred in the midst of the turbulent conditions. Intriguingly, he told PIX11 Morning News that he’d actually never surfed before, making his timing an interesting choice.

“It’s a little bit sloppy,” he told the reporter of his newfound hobby. “This is my first time.” When she asked if he usually went out in the summer, he corrected her that it was really his first time on a surfboard—ever.

“You thought this was the best day to go out surfing as a first-timer?” she asked, incredulous.

“Well yeah, I heard that offshore winds were good for waves, so I figured since New York’s south-facing the north winds would be offshore,” he explained matter-of-factly, decked out only in his wetsuit. He also asked the reporter if their news van could give him a ride back home in the midst of the freezing weather.

Note to other aspiring surfers: it’s safer—and warmer—to wait for summer.

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