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Are you Gryffindor or Slytherin? Get the spatula and apron for your Hogwarts house of choice.

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You may have graduated long ago, but now you can relive your wizarding school days with Williams Sonoma's new Harry Potter kitchen line. Or if you're not an alum, roll up to platform 9 ¾, hop the Hogwarts Express and don the sorting hat to find out which of these new pieces you need for your kitchen wizardry.

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"When young kitchen wizards conjure up treacle tarts, peppermint toads and Mrs. Weasley's corned-beef sandwiches," proclaims Williams Sonoma of the "magical spatula" and aprons it has on offer via the more muggle-wieldable magic of the internet.

Each of Williams Sonoma's three Harry Potter kitchen items come in four variants, one for each Hogwarts house. First, there's the spatula, which runs $13 and is the "tool of choice" "designed exclusively" for either the "daring and chivalrous members of Gryffindor," the "loyal and dedicated members of Hufflepuff," "the wise and witty members of Ravenclaw," or the "resourceful and ambitious members of Slytherin" (which is one way to put it). Perhaps it's that magic that enables the silicone and beech spatula to stay BPA-free?

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And while you're cooking up those foods and/or spells, you'll want to keep messy ingredients off your clothes, which the four house-themed aprons ($40) and kids-sized aprons ($25) will cover both you and your wizard-in-training. The kids' version uses the magic of Velcro for an easily adjustable fit, and they both include a double front pocket that can easily hold a spatula and a wand.

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

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Just how Williams Sonoma struck a licensing deal with the Wizarding World's most prestigious educational institution, we're not sure. But if the Harry Potter line of kitchenware feels like only the beginning of a more magical kitchen, check out Food & Wine's list of Harry Potter Kitchen Gadgets for Muggles Who Want to Be Cooking Wizards.

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