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The countdown to Christmas just got even merrier!

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Updated October 04, 2017

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Temperatures are dropping and you know what that means—Christmas is right around the corner! There are plenty of reasons to get a head start on spreading Christmas cheer, and we thought we had found one of the very best when we discovered that Aldi is selling a wine advent calendar that contains six bottles worth of vino, but our Christmas countdown just got even merrier with the latest edition to hit the internet: the Whisky Advent Calendar ($167, Master of Malt).

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Drinks By The Dram’s newly released Whiskey Advent Calendar features 24 different whiskies from around the world, each packaged in a handmade 30 milliliter dram, for every day leading up to Christmas. From a 50-year-old scotch to whiskies worth up to £600 a bottle, the assortment lets you sample some of the finest versions available. To get a full look at everything inside visit Drinks By The Dram for the list. Worried about ruining the surprise? The calendar will still keep you on your toes—the order of the whiskies is completely random, so you (or whoever is lucky enough to get this gift) won’t know which is up next!

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The company has also created separate versions for different kinds of whiskies, meaning that true whisky connoisseurs can opt for Premium, Old and Rare, or Very Old and Rare versions of the advent calendar, along with whiskies sorted by geographical regions, with drink selections to match. Plus, they’re more than happy to fuel the holiday spirit with different spirits. Other versions of the advent calendar include gin, rum, tequila, vodka and more, so you can spread holiday cheer with the spirit of your choice.

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