The legendary skateboarder experienced an amusing moment of mistaken identity.
Tony Hawk Got Accidentally Trolled in Airport Security
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Legendary pro skateboarder Tony Hawk is a pretty big deal: he’s the breakout star of the rebel sport, putting it on the national map and campaigning for its mainstream acceptance. He’s also amassed a true empire thanks to his classic skating video games, all of which feature his face and voice prominently.

But apparently his distinctive name rings more bells than his face, as he learned recently while trying to pass through airport security. According to a tweet posted from Hawk himself while he was in Anchorage, AK, he had a pretty hilarious encounter with a TSA agent who may have recognized the famous brand—but failed to identify the man himself, standing right in front of her with his carry-on.

People were quick to sympathize with Hawk, respecting the ironic problem of fame when it doesn’t get recognized.

But others feel it’s not totally the TSA agent’s fault.

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