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News broke Monday afternoon that famous rocker Tom Petty, 66, had been hospitalized after suffering a cardiac arrest, with a statement arriving shortly after midnight that he had passed away. In response, legions of his famous friends and followers from a decades-long career as a highly-respected musician showed an outpouring of respect for the artist on social media, sharing fond remembrances, shock and sadness.

“Tom Petty changed my life. There is a reference to him in everything I’ve ever written. I love his work and life,” wrote popular songwriter, producer and musician Jack Antonoff in a series of tweets. “‘Don’t Come Around Here No More’ changed the way I looked at songwriting and production. So odd and complex yet direct all at once. That’s TP.” He continued: “Those records live forever. I’m so grateful for Tom Petty and what he taught all of us.

Here’s what people had to say about losing the music legend.

Here are a few of Petty’s timeless classics to remember him by.

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