The series will tape its upcoming season this year.

By Jennifer Aldrich /
February 21, 2020

Does everyone in the neighborhood come knocking when they get a waft of your famous chocolate chip cookies? Do your family members beg you to make your unbeatable pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving? Well, you might consider applying for The Great American Baking Show, which is currently on the look-out for all-star bakers.

The program recently announced it's accepting applications for shows airing in 2020. The form has 75 questions, including your name, where you live, occupation, and the like. You'll also have to dig in a bit deeper about your expertise in the kitchen, including who taught you how to bake, how much baking experience you have, your signature dish, and if you've had any baking disasters. The app also wants a photo of yourself, a picture of your baked goods, and a one- to two-minute video explaining why you deserve to be on the show.

There are only three requirements to apply: you must be 18 years old, you must be a U.S. resident, and you need to be an amateur baker. You can find the form at You have until Friday, February 28 to send in your application.

The Great American Baking Show, which is based on the U.K. version, The Great British Baking Show, aired its first episode in 2015 on ABC. The series just wrapped up its fifth season, a holiday edition, in January. The previous season featured Spice Girls member Emma Bunton and former professional football player Anthony "Spice" Adams as hosts. Paul Hollywood, from The Great British Baking Show, and award-winning pastry chef Sherry Yard were judges. There were also 10 contestants vying for the top prize. We reached out to get more information on who's hosting and judging the upcoming season, but have yet to hear back.

If you think you have what it takes to be crowned America's best amateur baker, make sure you apply and wait to be contacted by the production team. Who knows, you might be showing off your baking skills on national television soon.