Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER aircraft
Credit: SOPA Images/Contributor/Getty Images

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A Thai Airways plane was forced to abort its takeoff after one of the plane's engines suffered an "uncontained" failure — effectively an explosion — as it prepared to leave the runway.

Flight TG 970 was powering up to take off from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand on Sunday when the left-hand engine failed, the Aviation Herald reported.

Passengers, who were due to fly to Zurich, Switzerland, told the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper that they heard a loud bang as the plane was beginning to take off.

One passenger, who asked to stay anonymous, said: "We didn't take off on this flight as there was a loud explosion. The plane was getting ready to take off then we heard 'boom' and a very loud sound. It all happened in a fraction of a second."

The takeoff was then aborted, and the pilot brought the Boeing 777 plane back.

Aviation news outlet Jacdec shared an image of the plane's engine after the explosion, which shows a large crack in its casing:

Another video from inside the plane shows the engine after the explosion:

The unnamed passenger said that those on board were told to get off the plane immediately after the engine failure. "The machine was immediately turned off and the hostess gave us instructions to leave."

Thai Airways said in a statement that the Boeing 777-300ER had been taken out of service to be repaired.

"All passengers and crew were provided a hotel, which is a standard for taking care of passengers," the statement said.

No one was hurt and passengers were put on a different flight to Zurich 12 hours later, aviation news website Simple Flying reported.