The Consumer Electronics Show introduced some life-changing laundry news this week. See when you can buy a folding machine and how much it will cost you.


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Do you ever wish you could go back to the days without washing machines and dryers? Of course not! Advancements in home technology have made our lives infinitely easier and it keeps getting better.

A machine called FoldiMate, a machine that, you guessed it, folds your clothes, was unveiled at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Pinch us now because we think we might be dreaming.

The machine itself looks like an office printer with fewer buttons. At 49 inches tall, it features an opening at the top where the clothes go in and a compartment at the bottom where your folded clothes stack up.

Here’s how it works: Place compatible clothing into the grips at the top of the machine. Pants and towels need to be folded in half already; shirts just need to lie flat on the surface. The FoldiMate will then pull the clothing item in and a few seconds later the shirt or pants emerge, perfectly folded, in the bottom compartment. What folding magic happens inside the revolutionary machine is up to your imagination.

The current model of the FoldiMate works with all shirts, blouses, and pants from a child’s size 6 to an adult size XXL. Standard size towels and pillowcases are also compatible.

However, like any new technology, it isn’t perfect. As of now, FoldiMate will not fold small baby clothes, socks, undergarments, bed sheets, or hoodies. It also does not iron your clothes, though the company hopes to include an ironing feature in the future.

FoldiMate can fold an average of 25 items in under five minutes. You’ll have to stand by the machine to feed the clothes into the top, but it’s still faster than folding each item yourself.

If the future of folding clothes is something you absolutely must have, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. While it was unveiled this week at CES, the FoldiMate won’t be available for purchase until late 2019. It’s estimated to cost $980, though the launch date and cost aren’t set in stone. You can join their pre-order waitlist on their website.

Until then, we’ll have to fold our clothes the same way our parents and grandparents did before us.