Backyard with furniture and outdoor fan

This Outdoor Fan Is the Only Reason I Can Enjoy My Backyard in 90-degree Heat

Its powerful breeze even keeps bugs away.
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A backyard in New York City is an undeniable luxury — even if concrete substitutes for grass and the only greenery is a monstrous weed. It's an oasis where the city bustle fades away and you can savor a rare moment of privacy. Unfortunately, it's also a difficult space to enjoy for most of the year. 

During the winter, low temperatures and sporadic snowfall make it nearly impossible to spend time outside. And while spring brings a few days of perfect weather, summer quickly settles in with humid 90-degree days. So instead of drinking wine in my backyard, I stare longingly at it from my air-conditioned bedroom. 

Beyond buying a kiddie pool, I failed to find a backyard cooling solution that would make it possible to comfortably spend time outside. Then I received an email that changed the course of my summer: Popular home goods brand Lasko had just launched an Outdoor Living Tower Fan.

Unlike the various fans scattered around my apartment, the new Lasko fan is specially constructed to withstand the elements. The design is water-resistant and has a special UV protection layer that makes it safe to leave it outdoors in rain or shine. Fascinated, I quickly called in a sample.

It required minimal assembly — I only had to snap the two base pieces onto the 42-inch body of the fan. Although it's slightly heavy at 15 pounds, I was able to use the sleek built-in handle on the top of the tower to easily maneuver the fan to its new permanent location in my backyard.

I was immediately impressed with how well it aesthetically fit into my space. Its simple design is tall and thin, with a muted silver coloring that won't negatively draw your eye. The 10-foot power cord let me pick the ideal spot in my relatively sizable (for NYC) backyard, and I ultimately pointed it right at my outdoor couch. 

When I finally powered on the device, I was surprised by the lack of sound. I've tested many fans — from the Vornado to other Lasko devices — and this is by far one of the quietest options I've tried. But don't mistake that for a decrease in power: The fan imitated a gentle summer breeze on the lowest settings and a powerful gust of wind on the highest. 

I quickly discovered the optimal setting was right in the middle (speed two) with the internal oscillation feature turned on. It provided a consistent airflow that was refreshing without becoming overwhelming. Better yet, it made a 90-degree day feel like a comfortable 75. 

After a month with my Lasko Outdoor Fan, I can't imagine my backyard without it. While my space is still far from perfect — thanks to an ongoing battle with rats — brutal summer temperatures are no longer my biggest concerns. 

Lasko YF202 Oscillating Tower Fan for Decks

To buy:, $129

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