By Rachel Hosie /
January 31, 2019

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Millennial brunch aficionados may need to add a new location to the top of their bucket lists: Hōlualoa in Hawaii.

This is where a farmer is growing what are thought to be the world's biggest avocados, which are both the size and weight of a newborn baby.

Kenji Fukumitsu and his family have been harvesting the avocados for around 80 years, and they all come from the same tree, according to Big Island Video News.

The tree was first grafted by Fukumitsu's older brother in 1941 and it continues to bear fruit to this day.

The ginormous fruits tend to weigh over 6lbs each, which likely makes them the biggest in the world.

"We had so much, all falling down," said Fukumitsu. "And the pigs eating it, so I share them with some of our friends. If you eat it during November month, they're very watery. But after that, it's good."

Kind-hearted Fukumitsu gives away many of the mammoth avocados to the nearby Urgent Care of Kona medical centre.

"Every month or so we would hear a big clunk, and there's a bag or a box of at least 20 or 30 avocados," Dr Joy McElroy of the centre said.

"At least 6lbs each, even bigger. And it occurred to us that this is not normal. This is very special."

It was Dr McElroy who decided to look up the world record for avocado size and found that Fukumitsu's were bigger than the world record holder's.

The current record is held by fellow Hawaiian Felicidad Pasalo, who set the record on January 3 2018 with an avocado that weighed 5lbs 8oz.

Dr McElroy contacted the Guinness Book of World Records, but was told it would take the organisation 12 weeks to confirm whether Fukumitsu's were record-breaking. The trouble is, the avocado in question is unlikely to last 12 weeks.

For his part, Fukumitsu is rather relaxed about the whole thing.