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Amazon Shoppers Are Replacing Their Electric Blankets With This Best-selling Heated Mattress Pad

It’ll keep you feeling warm and toasty on winter nights.
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If you're tired of freezing at night no matter how many blankets you pile on, then you probably need to invest in some heated bedding. So instead of hopping into a cold bed, take a hint from the thousands of Amazon shoppers who swear by this best-selling heated mattress pad for surviving winter nights. 

Complete with 10 different heat levels, a built-in timer, and two controllers (one on each side of the bed), the Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad has all of the features you'd need in an electric topper. It has deep 18-inch pockets, so the mattress pad will easily fit over thick mattresses without sliding off the corners. Designed with a special technology that automatically adjusts the temperature while in use, shoppers say it keeps their bed cozy, even on low heat settings. Plus, it's made of 100 percent polyester and completely machine washable. 

"[The mattress pad] keeps me warm at night, which makes me more comfortable," wrote a shopper. "It also lets us save on heating costs by making our bed a nice little nest. There are several heat settings, allowing me to get the temperature just right. Best of all, there are dual controls, so I can get toasty without overheating my husband."

Reviewers insist that sleeping on top of the heated mattress pad keeps them warmer than electric blankets, which makes sense when you remember that heat rises. In fact, some even say they no longer need to use their heated blankets ever since they got the Sunbeam topper.

"This mattress pad is excellent—way better than our electric blanket," said another. "It heats up rapidly and stays warm and really feels good on a person's back and cold feet. Our electric blanket performed pitifully by comparison. When it was very cold outside, we set our controls at a medium level (five or six) about 10 minutes before we went to bed, and it felt great to climb into a pre-warmed bed."

Since it's racked up over 6,300 perfect five-star ratings so far, the heated topper has clearly earned its spot as Amazon's number one best-selling option. Prices vary depending on the size, but a queen costs about $59—and customers say it's "worth every penny."

Shop the best-selling heated mattress pad below and you'll be one step closer to sleeping in a warm, cozy bed each night. 

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To buy: amazon.com, from $35

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