HIDEOUT LIGHTROOM - Eco Bamboo Home - Exterior
Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb

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Slip into this eco bamboo home and fully immerse yourself in the natural ambiance of Bali. Booking this Hideout Lightroom, the second installment from the team behind Hideout Bali, will guarantee two things: the perfect nature lounge and a private getaway to unwind as you welcome in another year.

Grab your sidekick, partner or soulmate and get ready to celebrate bamboo-style.

Indoor-Outdoor Experience

Perhaps the most idyllic feature of the Hideout Lightroom is the indoor-outdoor experience it provides. The panoramic windows encircling this little bamboo bungalow will help you wake up to lush foliage and the rice fields of Gunung Agung the luxurious way.

HIDEOUT LIGHTROOM - Eco Bamboo Home - Bed
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HIDEOUT LIGHTROOM - Eco Bamboo Home - Shower
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Kickstart your birthday with a bamboo embrace. The bamboo used to build this tiny home comes from a local village and the entire hideaway was built with an eco-conscious mind. Nature will always be at the center of your birthday here.

HIDEOUT LIGHTROOM - Eco Bamboo Home - Couch
Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb
HIDEOUT LIGHTROOM - Eco Bamboo Home - table and chairs
Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb

The Neighborhood

This private bamboo lodging is located in Selat, Bali and is five to ten minutes away from restaurants and shops via scooter. The Hideout Lightroom itself is situated between two villages meaning you might run into local Balinese walking or fishing in the nearby stream. When in Bali.

Get Your Zen On

Open up the doors of your hideaway and step right into a soaking bathtub with flowers and scented oils. Practice your wellness routine (yoga, exercise, meditation) at your outside seating area surrounded by nothing but the harmony of nature and bamboo.

HIDEOUT LIGHTROOM - Eco Bamboo Home - pillows and cushions
Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb