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By Eva Thomas / People.com
July 17, 2020
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Courtesy of Soludos

Sneakers might not be the first shoes you reach for come summertime, but they should be. Sure, traditional warm-weather footwear like flip-flops and sandals are convenient when heat and humidity hit, but they may not be the best for the overall health of your feet, as they tend to lack ample hold and support. That’s why we’re so excited about Soludos’ first-ever vegan sneaker — it’s a comfortable shoe that’s ideal for beating the heat.

The celeb-loved shoe label that might be best known for its chic-yet-ultra-comfy espadrilles Kate Middleton wears year after year just launched a vegan trainer that’s destined to sell out. Longtime fans have been begging the brand to create a plant-based shoe, and it delivered a darn good one.

Put simply, the Yebo is a trend-forward shoe that’s not just easy on the eyes, but also on your feet and the environment, too. It’s crafted from a super soft upper “leather” that’s actually made from corn extract, while the outsole uses a mix of recycled cork and rubber for that just-right-bounce in each step.

To buy: Yebo Vegan Sneaker in White, soludos.com, $149

Its insides is where it gets really cool — literally. Soludos lined the interior with a breathable, eco-friendly cotton terry and a thin memory foam for cloud-like softness. And the sneaker’s cushy footbed is something we can’t help but gush about: It promises both long-term support and moisture management. That means you can nix socks altogether! Plus, there’s an additional layer of foam under the forepart of the foot for added comfort and shock absorbency.

What’s more, the insole is antimicrobial and washable — so if it starts to stink, simply throw it in the washing machine to freshen it up. In short, every facet of this vegan sneaker has been thought out to accompany people’s most common footwear frustrations. 

The Yebo is available in four classic colors, including navy, rose, wine, and a sleek all-white, and it rings in at a reasonable $150. Remember: This shoe was made to last, is sure to comfortably carry you anywhere you go this summer, and is good for the environment.

Shop the sure-to-sell-out vegan sneaker from Soludos below, and then place your bets on who will be the first celeb to wear it. We call Hilary Duff.

Courtesy of Soludos

To buy: Yebo Vegan Sneaker in Navy, soludos.com, $149

Courtesy of Soludos

To buy: Yebo Vegan Sneaker in Rose, soludos.com, $149

Courtesy of Soludos

To buy: Yebo Vegan Sneaker in Wine, soludos.com, $149

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