Jabba and Hope, the two toed sloths at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo
Credit: Courtesy of Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo

Jabba was cutting it close, but the two-toed sloth now has a lady in his life to celebrate Valentine’s Day with.

The Beardsley Zoo slowpoke is now courting Hope, a fellow two-toed sloth that traveled all the way from Michigan’s John Ball Zoo to give love a chance in Connecticut.

But these two aren’t rushing romance, they want to make sure they are a compatible match before they start hanging from trees together and talking about little sloth-lets.

After spending several weeks getting acclimated to her new home, Hope has been moved into the same space as the Beardsley Zoo’s resident bachelor. Both are currently residing in the facility’s Animal Health Care Center, each in their own enclosure, which are sitting side-by-side.

The zoo is hopeful the lovebirds will hit it off, but are keeping the duo behind the scenes until their relationship is a little more mature.

Good luck, you crazy kids!

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