A pair of Swiss visitors turned their 32-restaurant culinary tour into one incredible video.


When you're a TV show that's been on the air for over 600 episodes and pride yourself on skewering pop culture for content, eventually, pretty much everything comes into your sights. So though the idea of Homer taking a culinary tour of New Orleans in The Simpsons might have seemed unlikely in Season 3, by Season 29, it's practically inevitable — and that's exactly what happened last year in "Lisa Gets the Blues."

In that episode, Homer checks off a truly epic list of 32 famous Big Easy eateries. (We know because we listed them all here!) And honestly, if you're a tourist yourself, it's not the worst way to construct your own food tour. So taking that idea to new heights, a couple of Swiss tourists decided to pay tribute to Homer's tribute to New Orleans' culinary scene not just by visiting the same 32 places he did, but also by creating a shot-for-shot remake of his small-screen adventure.

The results are astounding — and for reasons beyond the fact that visiting 32 restaurants isn't easy. First, as an animated show, The Simpsons production team's imagination is the limit as far as camera angles and even reality is concerned, so recreating animated shots can be far more difficult than a standard film. And still, these self-described "two Swiss girls [that] love the Simpsons as much as they love New Orleans" do it all: the aerial shots, the cartoonish portions and movements, and the framing. Speaking of the framing, watching the video is actually impressive for both parties: one, that these tourists were able to recreate it, but two, that The Simpsons was so meticulously accurate in their renderings in the first place.

The video is published on the YouTube channel of Katrin von Niederhausern. Though the details there are essentially nonexistent, her website explains that she is a designer and illustrator from Switzerland living in Stockholm. "I am always looking for cool and adventurous people, clients or designers to do a project with," she writes. "My childhood dream is to help write a Simpsons episode and do a custom intro for it with my illustrations." Sounds like The Simpsons producers should give her a call!

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