By Joey Skladany /
January 31, 2017
Credit: Cafe X

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If you're tired of Starbucks baristas misspelling your name and messing up your drink orders, you may want to consider robots as a more reliable and efficient alternative.

Cafe X Technologies, in conjunction with AKA Coffee, Verve Coffee Roasters and Peet's Coffee, has introduced a coffee-brewing kiosk that aims to "eliminate the variabilities that bog down today’s coffee experience.”

Using Mitsubishi-designed robotic arms and WMF group automatic coffee machines, the device brews, pours, whips, pumps and performs every other action that goes into your coveted morning latte.

“I’ve long been a big coffee consumer and there’s never a guaranteed seamless experience,” Cafe X CEO and Founder Henry Hu said in a statement. “In today’s world, you have two options for getting a cup of coffee: You’re either in and out with something subpar; or you’re waiting in a 15-minute line for a great cappuccino. I started Cafe X to eliminate that inherent compromise and give people access to a tasty cup of coffee consistently and conveniently.”

The future of technology is looking bright, kids. And lazy. Very, very lazy.

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