Or perhaps you’d prefer a popsicle bellini?
Popsicles with fresh lemon slices scattered on a white marble background
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This story originally appeared on ExtraCrispy.com.

While last summer's cocktail darling frosé may be all you want to drink in warm weather, the frozen wine is so quick to melt in the heat it’s beyond annoying to bring on a picnic. This would be so much better as a popsicle, you think, as the Solo cup sweats condensation all over your hand. Thanks to London-based POPS, there’s no more need to blend ice into your summer cocktails because the company offers a line of boozy popsicles. Ideal for any outdoor day-drinking, though seemingly tailor-made for brunch, POPS’s cocktail popsicles come in a rainbow of beloved bottomless-brunch flavors, from classic Champagne and peach prosecco bellini to raspberry rosé.

According to the company’s website, their brand’s version is the world’s first Champagne popsicle, born out of co-founders James Rae's and Harry Clarke's desire to combine the nostalgia of a popsicle with the luxury associated with Champagne, and boy, did they nail it. Rae and Clarke’s successful foray into the boozy popsicle sphere led to the launch of non-wine alcoholic popsicles like Moscow Mule and watermelon martini. Soon after, POPS began creating alcohol-free popsicles in strawberry-mint and apple-elderflower flavors.

POPS alcoholic popsicles contain about 4 percent alcohol per pop (about the same as a low-ABV beer or half a glass of wine), which seems just the right amount to achieve a safe-ish level of tipsy while day drinking in the hot sun. Not to mention their sleek design—slightly reminiscent of the classic shrink-wrapped Fla-Vor-Ice pops but covered with jaunty colorful labels—looks like any other icy summer treat, which could come in handy if you plan to set up a brunch picnic in a place where drinking is frowned upon.

Don’t head to the store just yet. Unfortunately for Americans, the popsicles are only currently available for in-store purchase in the UK and Australia, and at some restaurants in France, Spain, and Bermuda. However, POPS does cater personal and business events, and has a personalized online order form, so I'm not giving up hope.

This Story Originally Appeared On Extra Crispy