The mayor of Karachi said no one on board survived, according to reports.


A passenger plane carrying more than 100 people crashed near an airport in Pakistan on Friday afternoon, according to Reuters and local news reports.

The plane, an Airbus A320, was operated by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and crashed near Jinnah International Airport in Karachi.

Pakistan's aviation authority told the BBC that 107 people were on board.

The mayor of Karachi, cited by several media outlets, said at the scene of the crash that nobody on board has survived.

The plane was traveling to Karachi from the city of Lahore, data from Flight Radar 24 shows.

The spokesperson for the Pakistan Armed Forces confirmed the crash on their official Twitter account and said search and rescue teams had been sent to the site.

Journalists are posting images of the crash site on social media:

Pakistani news outlet HUM News has broadcast images of ambulances ferrying bodies from the scene, while huge crowds of onlookers wait nearby. The outlet says it has a list of the passengers onboard.

According to the BBC, PIA chief executive Arshad Malik said that the plane's pilot told air traffic control that the plane was experiencing "technical difficulties".