Each month, a box will arrive at your door with two varieties of the cookies and other Oreo-inspired gifts.

By Mike Pomranz and Mike Pomranz / FoodandWine.com
January 12, 2018
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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re an Oreo fan, this news may be more exciting than twisting open an Oreo cookie and dunking the creamy half in milk. Amazon has recently added a new “OREO Cookie Club Subscription Box, OREO of the Month Gift.” That’s exactly what it sounds like: a special Oreo gift box sent directly to your door on a monthly basis.

So what’s in one of these crazy Oreo gift boxes? According to the product description, each one will contain “two OREO flavors, a one-of-a-kind OREO inspired gift, and recipe card, all in an artistically designed OREO gifting box.” The specifics beyond that are a bit vague. As far as flavors are concerned, “Each month you’ll enjoy new OREO product innovations, or tried and true favorites” – so essentially, uh, anything really! And the snacks can be either “cookies or chocolate candy.” So yes, this box truly will be a surprise. Meanwhile, Brand Eating suggests that examples of the Oreo-inspired gift include hats, games and mugs. Essentially, if you really like Oreos – and maybe have nothing against a little roulette – these boxes should make for at least an interesting monthly mystery.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

However, adding a bit of monthly Oreo fun into your life isn’t cheap. Subscriptions come in 3-, 6- and 12-month options, and all three come out to $19.99 per month with no price break for longer commitments. Seeing as Amazon only charges about $3 for most packs of Oreos, you’re essentially left with a $14 charge for whatever else comes in the box. That’s not necessarily a bad price for a hat, but is maybe a bit much for a mug. Of course, the price also includes intangibles like the chance to potentially try new Oreo creations before anyone else – or maybe you’ve been dreaming of starting an artistically-designed Oreo box collection? Overall, this Oreo club seems like it could be fun, but only you know if you love Oreos enough to make that the case.

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