Thanksgiving dinner
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The holiday season is all about togetherness . . . in small doses.

If you feel like there’s a sanity-saving time limit on gatherings with your loved ones, you’re not alone. One in four Americans gets so eager for a break from family during the holidays, they admit they’ve resorted to hiding in a relative’s house for some (brief) relief, according to a survey conducted by Motel 6.

The study surveyed 2,000 Americans traveling for the holidays to visit family and found in addition to finding a quiet space — the guest room, the garage, the pantry in a pinch — 37 percent of participants admitted to making up a reason to leave the house all together.

Despite the fact that on average people spent 4.3 hours just to get to grandma’s house, there’s only so long they are willing to spend drinking, dining and catching up with their families. Survey respondents agreed that in less than four hours, they’re ready for some cousin-free leisure time.

“Family dynamics aren’t the only stressors this time of year,” Rob Palleschi, Motel 6 CEO, said in a press release. “No matter how you travel, the experience itself can be a source of anxiety for many.”

Turns out, 40 percent of Americans say staying with family can be stressful, and they have plenty of reasons why. Twenty-two percent worried about lack of privacy, 20 percent were concerned about family getting on each other’s nerves, and 20 percent stressed about drama between family members while staying under the same roof.

Despite it all, nearly every survey respondent agreed that nobody should be alone during the holidays. Ninety five percent said it’s important to spend the season with family — and maybe a healthy dose of eggnog.

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