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January 20, 2017

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So long, salmonella. DŌ founder Kristen Tomlan has found a way to create delicious cookie dough confections, all without the fear of consuming raw eggs (she uses a pasteurized egg product—sounds weird, but we promise you won't notice). And now, after selling her droolworthy concoctions for years online, she will be bringing her unique treats to a New York City storefront next week.

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Located in Greenwich Village, the 15-seat shop will feature DŌ's signature packaged flavors like sugar cookie, chocolate chip and oatmeal M&M, as well as ice-cream “sanDOwiches," milkshake and brownie blends. It's like a bakery where nothing is baked.

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This is pretty much a dream come true for, well, pretty much everyone. Because who seriously doesn't like cookies? If you don't , you should seriously seek medical attention. Something is wrong with your brain and/or taste receptors.

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