Police had to get involved.

By Ashley Hoffman / Time.com and Time.com
January 26, 2018
Jar of Nutella Hazelnut on a bokeh background.
Credit: Getty Images

Eager shoppers got a little nutty when Nutella was slashed to 70% off at some supermarkets throughout France.

Viral videos show things devolving into chaos as shoppers grab, push and scream to scoop up as many jars of the Italian chocolate spread as possible.

The quest for the kitchen staple got so out of hand at a supermarket in Ostricourt that police were actually to the scene.

An employee in L’Horme in Loire painted the scene for The Local by comparing the shopping etiquette to “scenes at the Battle of Berezina fought between the French army and Russia.” That was likely a more epic fight, but there are no videos to be sure.

As the saying goes, hell hath no fury like a determined nut spread shopper.

Survey the damages below.

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