'Tis the season!
Young couple celebrating Christmas at home. Home is decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights, they sitting on sofa and using laptop
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With winter arriving early this year, it’s time to abandon all pretense and skip straight ahead to the best part of the season: watching all the holiday and Christmas-themed movies that your heart desires.

Luckily, Netflix has a trove of holiday treasure waiting to be consumed during the cold nights to come. But perhaps the titles aren’t popping up in your recommended queue just yet. Not to worry; there’s a simple hack to make sure that everything from perennial classic Love Actually to freshly-crowned favorite A Christmas Prince appear on your screen in no time.

As some sources have figured out, Netflix organizes its offerings with genre codes on the website URL. And if you know the genre code, you can use it as a shortcut to access the streaming platform’s full catalogue of options in that category. Just type out “http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/”; and then finish it off with the numerical code.

So you want a “Romantic Christmas Movie,” like the aforementioned classic Love Actually, or some lighter fare like The Spirit of Christmas or Christmas Crush? That’s 1394527. (For the fans: A Christmas Prince lives in this category, too.)

How about “Family-friendly Christmas Movies,” like Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, starring an extremely friendly St. Bernard dog? Just plug in 1394522.

They’ve even broken it down into granular sections like “Goofy Christmas Children and Family Films” and by suggested age range or locale. Thanksgiving entertainment with family is now solved. Here’s the full selection:

Romantic Christmas Films – 1394527
Christmas Children & Family Films – 1474017
Family-friendly Christmas Films – 1394522
Christmas Children & Family Films for Ages 11 to 12 – 1477206
Christmas Children & Family Films for Ages 8 to 10 – 1477204
Christmas Children & Family Films for Ages 5 to 7 – 1477201
Feel-good Christmas Children & Family Films – 1475066
Goofy Christmas Children & Family Films – 1475071
Christmas Children & Family Films from the 1990s – 1476024
British Christmas Children & Family Films – 1527064
European Christmas Children & Family Films – 1527063
Canadian Christmas Children & Family Films – 1721544
Christmas Children & Family Films from the 1990s – 1476024

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