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Moving across the country isn’t cheap — but this moving hack helped me save money. Big time.

During my recent cross-country move, I discovered a moving hack that not only kept me on budget, it saved me hundreds of dollars. It was so simple, too. All I had to do was update my address with the post office as soon as I signed my lease, instead of waiting until later. That day, I received bundles of coupons to help me save money while I decorate my new home. Pretty great, right?

The key to my savings was timing. Since I had updated my information so early on in the moving process, I received my coupons before I needed to start shopping for essentials (like a mattress) and all the special touches that make a house a home (more on that in a minute). If I’d waited to change my address, I would have paid full price for these things and regretted it later.

There's a $1 fee to change your address (a small price to pay, in my opinion), but after paying that fee, I had the option to print dozens of 10, 15, and even 20 percent off coupons from retailers I love: West Elm, the Container Store, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, and, yes, Bed Bath & Beyond. I even got an offer for a couple hundred dollars off a new Casper mattress and another for discounted wifi and cable service. And when I updated my voter registration, I received another round of amazing coupons.

Many of the coupons don’t expire for a month or two, so I have time to fill up my new home with items I truly love—though I’ve already bought plenty. My Bed Bath & Beyond coupon was worth 20 percent off my entire purchase, not just a single item, so I bought all the cleaning supplies and small accessories (like this adorable bath cart) that didn’t make the move… without having to gather a whole stack of the discounted item coupons. At West Elm, I saved money on rugs, lamps, and curtains to suit my new space. And, once I’m a little more settled, my Container Store coupon—which, FYI, can be used several times before its expiration date — will go toward shelving for my pantry and kitchen.

Next time I move (which, with any luck, will be a few years away), I’m changing my address immediately.

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