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A mother and her 4-year-old son, whom she was pushing in a stroller, were attacked by a coyote at a Fairfield, New Jersey park on Thursday evening, according to police.

“As she was walking, another individual who was also walking alerted her to the fact that there was a coyote walking directly behind her,” the Fairfield Police Department said in statement.. “When the female turned around to see for herself, the coyote lunged at her. The victim fell to the ground and the stroller tipped over.”

The coyote bit the 37-year-old mom’s leg and then went after the children’s right leg. Bystanders ran towards the mother, who was then able to get up and pick up the stroller.

“She attempted to flee at which time the coyote again lunged at her,” police continued. “The coyote then ran into the adjacent wooded area. Both victims were transported to an area hospital for treatment and an evaluation.”

Around an hour after the accident, at 8:36 p.m., Sgt. Frank Tracey “thought he saw a coyote traveling along a fence line. He exited his police vehicle with his M4 patrol rifle and made his way into the backyard. He initially noticed a cat in the yard and thought that is what he saw,” according to the statement.

Police added: “A few moments later, a coyote emerged from behind a pool and began to aggressively approach the officer. In order to protect himself, the officer fired several shots, striking the coyote and killing it. The Associated Humane Society took possession of the carcass in order to conduct testing for rabies.”

After the accident, several residents called the police to let them know that a local resident’s Doberman Pincher had been attacked by a coyote the previous evening, authorities said. “It is unclear if this is the same animal as the residents described that coyote as being much larger. Several Big Piece Road residents have reported seeing and hearing a large number of coyotes behind their homes.”

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