It joins the lantern, cannon, rocking horse, and iron.

Monopoly Is Retiring the Thimble
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Today's Monopoly players must be not as interested in tailoring as previous generations: They’ve just voted to rid the classic game of its last sewing token. Hasbro announced today that starting August 2017, the thimble will no longer be included as a game token.

The thimble was one of 10 original game pieces. It first appeared in 1935 alongside the iron, purse, lantern, race car, boot, top hat, battleship, cannon, and rocking horse. It now joins the lantern, cannon, rocking horse, and iron (which fans voted to replace in 2013 with a cat) in retirement.

The change comes after Hasbro's January announcement that it was leaving the fate of all eight of its Monopoly tokens up to fans. As part of the Token Madness campaign, fans voted online from January 10 to 31 for their favorite eight tokens out of 64 old and new options. Hasbro said that in that period, four million votes were cast, but that the thimble did not garner enough support to make the top eight. On March 19—World Monopoly Day—Hasbro will release what will be replacing the thimble, as well as which other tokens will be part of the new lineup.

Anxious about other unexpected departures? Here’s some good news: A Hasbro representative confirmed to that no other announcements will be made before March 19. You can at least rest easy until then. And if the thimble was always your piece when playing the game, we suggest stockpiling current Monopoly boxes before the new tokens are released in August.

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