Matthew Lepre said the full-time gig does not require any experience.

Matthew Lepre
Credit: Courtesy of Matthew Lepre

One Australian millionaire is proving that he’ll do — or pay — anything in order to get that perfect Instagram photo that so many people strive to attain.

Matthew Lepre, the 27-year-old founder of Ecom Warrior Academy, announced on Wednesday that he is looking to hire a personal photographer to travel around the world with him and take photos for his Instagram account.

In the post, which was fittingly shared on Lepre’s Instagram, the millionaire said the full-time, salary gig does not require any experience and he would cover all expenses and provide proper training and equipment.

Lepre even offered his future photographer the opportunity to bring a friend along as they travel around the world together.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the Sydney-based businessman revealed that he’s willing to pay $55,000 per year for the position, which entails duties previously provided by his best friend Mitch.

“During the past year alone I have managed to grow my business while traveling to UAE, Indonesia, USA, NZ, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand, and up until now, have relied on my best friend to be there to take photos on his phone,” Lepre told Daily Mail‘s FEMAIL.

“My business has now expanded rapidly and I need my mate, Mitch, to be there to work in other areas,” he continued. “So I’m now putting the open call out to the world for someone to be there to fill this role.”

Lepre, who reportedly makes $120,000 a month from his e-commerce stores, said that his personal photographer must have a valid passport, a flexible schedule allowing the new employee to hop on a plane with him at the last minute, and knowledge of what makes the perfect Instagram shot.

“Just a few weeks ago I was asked by a leading TV station in Milan to come for an interview so had to drop everything and hop on a plane and travel across the other side of the world three days later,” Lepre explained to the outlet.

“The selected person for this role would need to be flexible with their life and be able to join me too, on my crazy schedule that could take me anywhere, anytime,” he added.

This isn’t the only job that Lepre has looked to fill. Earlier this year, the entrepreneur announced he was searching for a personal assistant. He said the gig would be full-time and offered a starting salary of $52,000 per year with room to grow, according to the Daily Mail.

Lepre eventually hired former fashion student Tyanna De Assis in September. Not long after her hire, De Assis explained to Australian outlet that she and Lepre got along well because they were the same age and had similar personalities.

“We don’t get sick of each other — sometimes we have to sit together for nine hours straight — we’re both scatter brains, we jump from one thing to the next, but it works because I am very OCD and I make sure I get everything down,” she said.

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