The couple, who are expecting their first child this spring, immediately won over a group of school children in Bristol.

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What’s better than a school snow day? Meeting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on a school snow day!

The royal couple, who are expecting their first child in April, had an adorable interaction with a group of 3- and 4-year-olds from Abbeywood Tots kindergarten during their snowy day trip to Bristol — about 120 miles west of London — on Friday.

After one child adorably asked Meghan, “where’s Harry,” she called her husband over to share the special moment. However, the duo had to laugh when the little ones, bundled up in their winter jackets, were more interested in their mid-morning snack of cookies than their brush with royalty.

Nursery worker India Leachman, 25, told reporters, “The children beckoned them over, like, ‘We’re excited to see you,’ waving their flags. And as soon as they came over, they were interested in their biscuits.”

“They were so excited to see – we’ve been saying, the Prince and Princess, it’s just easier to explain it to them,” Leachman explained. “They were like, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re coming, they’re coming,’ and then I gave them biscuits and they had a little giggle party to themselves, so [Harry and Meghan] just found that so funny.”

Meghan also admired a little girl’s plastic tiara and princess dress, which she wore under a zipped up snowsuit during the chilly 33-degree weather.

The couple didn’t hesitate to get on the level of the children, crouching down in the street to speak directly to the excited kids. Harry and Meghan worked in tandem, asking the children their names as they spoke with them about their morning.

“Are you nice and warm in here?” Harry asked one of the kids as he admired their snowsuit.

And with a mischievous grin, he playfully referenced the fact that there were no ropes or barricades holding the kids back. “You know you guys can run anywhere you want!” he said.

Once inside the Bristol Old Vic, the couple met 3-year-old Ocean, whose mom Sally Cordwell is the executive director of the theatre.

After being introduced as “Ballerina,” Meghan told the little girl, “Nice to meet you. Is Ballerina your real name?”

“Are you a ballerina?” asked Harry, before being told that it was just the name she had chosen recently.

As the Duchess of Sussex tried to guess what Ocean was trying to say as she reached out to touch her, she said, “My hair is curly? Oh, my hands are cold! Oh, thank you for warming them up.”

“I love the hair,” added Harry, poking her playfully on the nose.

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Outside, Meghan also ran into longtime fan Hayley Jones, 19, from Melbourne, Australia, who is an exchange student studying literature and politics at Bristol University and was a supporter of Meghan during her pre-royalty days.

“It was very exciting,” Jones said of meeting the Duchess of Sussex. “I had followed her on The Tig. It was such a beautiful inspirational blog. I thought it was incredible and I wanted to let her know that it really impacted me. She said it was a passion project that she loved.”

Jones adds, “She’s such a beautiful soul.”

Despite the snow and chilly 33 degree temperature, the couple made sure to greet well-wishers gathered outside. “I hope everyone gets a nice cup of tea after this,” Meghan was heard saying as she shook hands with fans, thanking them for braving the weather.

The Duchess of Sussex wore a printed dress by Oscar de la Renta under a black coat by William Vintage paired with olive green "Marina" boots by Sarah Flint. She also carried a matching green clutch. After pulling off a top knot on Thursday, she let her hair fall loose in romantic waves.

The couple began their day at the 18th century Bristol Old Vic theater. Built in 1766 as a center for people of Bristol to congregate and watch entertainment, it is the oldest continuously-working theatre in the English-speaking world.

Former actress Meghan, 37, and Harry, 34, were given a tour of the recently-renovated theater, and told about its history and links to the local community. They also watched a workshop attended by local school children as part of theater’s community outreach program.

Later, they plan to go to the Empire Fighting Chance, which aims to fight the impact of deprivation on young people’s lives through boxing.